well-come to bodypilot

a bodypilot is
a conscious spirit who knows how
to operate &
control & maintain & service & repair
the condition & behavior & performance
of the physical body that it inhabits

the purpose of this website is
share good instructions & directions & support tips

this info is designed to counter
the prevalent false-beliefs & myths
which can lead to self-destructive
conditions & behaviors & performances

we focus on the
(A) spirit-mind piloting a (B) physical-body managing a (C) system"
sections of the

(A) spirit-mind piloting a (B) body controlling a (C) system by (D) civil-rules in an (E) environment

chain of condition&behavior cause&effect links
knowing also that
the word
"system" can be
a lifestyle or family or machine or busyness or government
or a combination thereof

the information contained herein is based on
physical principles & personal experiences
--- this is NOT medical advice---


i am a naturally immortal spirit
in the 8th decade of my current hu-man body

i have survived the dis-eases of senility,
including physical breakdown, insanity and near-death

during the most recent twenty-some years
of my life since i retired in 1985,
i have used my body to test my thoughts and
my behaviors versus all types of foods and conditions,

(because the only way to really know what's true is via
individual direct personal experimentation experiences)

my tests have proven to myself
what i breathe & eat determines

my moods & my physical & mental condition


i have created this website so as to re-mind myself
how to avoid and/or remedy dis-eases & illnesses

i also want to share what i've learned
with those i love and respect and
with others who are searching for solutions

i am an engineer & pilot & gardener & a self-healer
what i say is true, but only for me as far as i know

i am not a doctor
i do not advise nor suggest nor prescribe
any beliefs and/or actions for anyone else

i simply share what i've learned


the purpose of this website
is to remind me
how to be good enuff
to be able to live redblood well
in a sick blueblood culture


A Story of Humanity

There are more than Five Billion Fools on planet Earth.

I know. I wuz one.

Until I figured out the only logical explanation

for man's inhumanity to man:

that most of us are fulla crap,

differing mostly by type and amount,

and all blind-to and denying that

basic cause of bad behavior.


The definition of a fool

is one who believes that which is false.


like those who eat dried seawater





Like every failed civilization,

the fatal flaw of a democratic-republic

is majority-rule when a majority is fulla crap.

That's when they wrongly believe and vote their mass de-lusions,

and ignore/destroy those who challenge the insanity of the dis-eased majority.





This is the current condition of humankind.


"...a sane person appears to be insane

to an insane majority..."


[insert more quotes incl Mark Twain & Maya A.]





the good news is that each individual can change its own celf

IF it knows has learned from personal experience

HOW TO do so.




[insert more stuff here]




And they all lived happily ever after.



(of the beginning)